Water Leak Adjustments for Customers Living in the Western Communities

Adjustments to the Water Bill

Where the recorded water consumption is abnormal and caused by leaks originating on the customer side of the meter service box or chamber, the customer may qualify for a leak adjustment depending on the nature of the leak.

The leakage of water must have been caused by circumstances beyond the customer's control, such as a break in the service line, a mechanical malfunction, water theft, vandalism, or unusual or emergency conditions.

In determining the leak adjustment, CRD Integrated Water Services will take into consideration:

  • the cause of the water loss
  • the opportunity of the customer to detect the leak
  • the possibility of customer negligence or fault in connection with the leak
  • the promptness with which the leak was discovered and stopped or repaired after discovery. (The property owner or tenant has no more than thirty (30) days from the billing date to detect, repair and submit a leak application to the office.

Tangible proof will be required that all leaks have been repaired (i.e. repair receipts)

Note: CRD Integrated Water Services reserves the right to inspect the repair prior to considering a leak adjustment.


For many properties, the first indication of a leak happens when high consumption is noticed on the water bill. CRD Integrated Water Services may notify a customer if it becomes aware the abnormal water consumption in the current billing period is more than 50% greater than the customer’s water consumption or $300 greater than the customer’s water charge for the same billing period in the previous year, but assumes no duty to do so or liability in the event it does not notify a customer.

It is the responsibility of the water consumer to check their water bill carefully and compare the water consumption for the billing period to the corresponding period of previous years.

A customer has no more than thirty (30) days from the date of billing, to formally register a complaint or dispute with CRD Water Services regarding the amount of any water bill.

Note: Once a customer has been notified of abnormal consumption, no leak adjustments shall be considered for water consumption which is recorded subsequent to the notification date.

Calculation of Leak Adjustment

The customer shall assume responsibility for the normal amount of water consumed at the current retail rate plus 50% of the water consumed as a result of the leak at the current retail rate.

The maximum amount for which a residential customer shall be required to pay is one thousand dollars ($1,000) per single family residential or small commercial unit on the property or two thousand dollars ($2,000) per large commercial, industrial or institutional unit, residential strata or multifamily residential unit, mobile home parks or campgrounds on the property.

Only one leak adjustment per property within a twenty-four (24) month water consumption period shall be permitted.

Leak Adjustment Application

A Leak Adjustment Application needs to be filled out and completed in order to process a possible leak credit within thirty (30) days of the billing date.

Fill out the Leak Adjustment Application, accompanied by receipts for parts or labour to show the leak has been repaired, and submit within 30 days to:

CRD Integrated Water Services
479 Island Highway
Victoria, BC, V9B 1H7
Tel: 250.474.9600
Toll free: 1.800.663.4425 and ask to speak with the Water Billing Staff

We are open 8:30am to 4:30pm from Monday to Friday.