What is a Bulk Water Filling Station

A bulk water filling station is a facility provided by the CRD for water trucking companies and residents who are on well water and may need access to a bulk supply of clean drinking water.

Apply to Become a Bulk Water Customer

Any person interested in becoming a bulk water customer must complete an agreement form and ensure that their water hauling vehicle meets all backflow protection requirements. 

  1. Submit a completed Bulk Service Agreement Form.
    Complete the Bulk Water Service Agreement Form then submit to Integrated Water Services by email, mail or in person using the address listed on the form. Please ensure the agreement is complete before submitting. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  2. Prepare your vehicle with a backflow device.
    After we confirm your application, a Cross Connection Control Officer will contact you and inspect your equipment to ensure an approved backflow prevention device is installed. To learn more about your responsibilities as a bulk water customer, please refer to our Customer Responsibilities for Backflow Prevention Guide.
  3. Pick up your filling station keys & FOB.
    After your backflow prevention device is approved, you will need to visit the Integrated Water Service office at 479 Island Highway to pay your deposit and pick up a bulk water key and FOB. Note: There is a mandatory refundable deposit of $500. Additional and replacement keys are $500 each and additional or replacement FOBs are $25 each. The CRD accepts cash, debit or cheque ONLY.

How Does Bulk Water Billing Work

Bulk water stations track a customer's use via customer FOB swipes. Usage data is downloaded quarterly and customers are billed four times per year (March 31st, June 30th, September 30th and December 31st).

Bulk Water Filling Stations

Bulk water customers can fill up at any of the following bulk water stations:

  • Langford: Located at Henry Eng Place
  • Sooke: Located at the intersection of Sooke River Road and Sooke Road
  • East Sooke: Located across from 6261 East Sooke Road
  • Otter Point: Located at the intersection of Otter Point Rd at Laronde Rd

Please note that filling stations do not have addresses as they are not considered commercial or residential buildings. 

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