Reading Water Meters

Units of Measure

The water consumption is measured in cubic metres.
1 cubic metre = 1000 litres = 220 imperial gallons.

Access to Water Meters

The homeowner must maintain clear access to the water meter to a minimum of 3 feet on each side of the meter box and 4 feet above. Should it become necessary for CRD Water Services to clear the access to the water meter box to obtain a reading, these costs will be added to your water account.

Tampering with Equipment

No person shall alter or cause to be altered any CRD Water Services water meter placed upon any service pipe or connection therewith, within or without any house, building, or other place or structure, so as to lessen or alter the amount and/or flow of water registered, unless specially authorized by CRD Water Services for that particular purpose and occasion.

Unauthorized Water Connections

Where a water connection has been made or where water service has been turned on without proper authority, CRD Water Services may remove the water meter and refuse to replace or reinstall the meter until the applicable service charges prescribed in the CRD Bylaw No. 3889 are paid in full.

Defective or Inaccurate Water Meters

If a meter either fails to register or does not properly indicate the flow of water, CRD Water Services shall estimate the amount of water consumed.


Additional Information