Dogs in the CRD

It is the responsibility of dog owners to be aware of and follow animal regulations in the CRD. Failure to do so may result in fines, impounding, or other penalties. Bylaws vary by municipality - please see Bylaws by Area for complete bylaw information.

The CRD adopted the SPCA standard of care provisions into the Animal Control Bylaw No. 1465 in 2013, giving the CRD more authority to address animal welfare issues such as:

  • Veterinary care when animal exhibits signs of pain, injury, illness or suffering;
  • Access to clean potable drinking water and sufficient food;
  • Regular, at least daily, exercise to maintain good health;
  • Adequate outdoor shelter that is kept clean and provides the animal with protection from heat, cold, dampness;
  • Precautions around animals in vehicles (e.g. mandating proper; ventilation in cars and appropriate securing of animals in pick-up trucks); and
  • Limits on the length of time and ways dogs can be tethered.
Other sections of the CRD Animal Control Bylaw state:
  • Your dog must not "run at large" or be off your property unattended
  • Have your dog under effective control at all times
  • Do not leave your dog tied or unattended on public property
  • If your dog's barking causes a disturbance, you may be fined

Information regarding dogs in CRD Regional Parks, visit their Pets in Parks page.

There are specific regulations for dogs and horses in local parks.