All regional districts must have a Solid Waste Management Plan approved by the Province of British Columbia. The region’s original plan was approved in 1989 and revised in 1991. The second revision (the current plan) was approved in 1995, with amendments made as needed.

The provincial Guide to Solid Waste Management Planning sets out four stages to developing a plan, including the establishment of an advisory committee. In 2018, the CRD Board appointed the Solid Waste Advisory Committee who provide input for the plan. Currently we are at Stage 4, which will be the focus of public, stakeholder and Indigenous consultations.

Stage 1 - Initiate Progress

  • Regional Board resolution
  • Stakeholder notification
  • Establish planning team and committee
  • Develop the budget
  • Design the consultation process

Stage 2 - Set the Plan Direction

Stage 3 - Evaluate Options

Stage 4 - Prepare and Adopt the Plan

  • Prepare the draft plan
  • Consult the public
  • Prepare plan for submission
  • Submit plan to Minister for approval
  • Ministry review and approval
  • CRD Board adoption