Being Prepared

Being prepared while hiking in CRD Regional Parks.

Trail Ratings

CRD Regional Parks trail ratings

Parking Fees

Parking is free in most regional parks and trails, however, pay parking at Sooke Potholes and Thetis Lake regional parks is in effect during the summer season.

Accessibility in Regional Parks and Trails

CRD Regional Parks is committed to ensuring that all visitors are able to experience the natural environment of regional parks and trails.

Pets in Parks

Dogs are welcome in most regional parks and trails.

Park Use Permits

Regional Parks manages all activities and uses within regional parks and trails, many of which require a park use permit.

Picnic Shelters in Regional Parks

Four picnic shelters are available for reservation in regional parks. All shelters offer undercover picnic table seating and nearby toilet facilities.

Parks and Trails Etiquette

Rules and etiquette can be found on individual park and trails pages. Smoking, drugs, alcohol, and fires are prohibited in regional parks.

Contact Us

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our parks safe and clean. If you see parks violations, please record them and report them to CRD Regional Parks at 250.478.3344 or by email.