Regional Parks manages all activities and uses within regional parks and trails, many of which require a park use permit. The goal of the park use permit system is to control and manage special uses within regional parks and trails to minimize the impact on the natural environment, park users, park operations and facilities.

When you need a park use permit

A park use permit is required for:
  • An activity or event that attracts participants and spectators, such as a festival, competition, tournament, show or outdoor ceremony.
  • An activity or event that involves volunteers or community groups (i.e. beach or park cleanups).
  • A commercial service.
  • Research work such as specimen collections, surveys, inventories and monitoring plots.
  • Temporary land use/occupancy or access to a regional park or trail for such purposes as accessing a private property, public utility, corridor or works.
  • Commercial filming using still or motion photography with the intent of monetary return.

Reserving Picnic Shelters

A permit application is not required to reserve exclusive use of a picnic shelter at Eagle Beach, Beaver Lake, Island View Beach or Aylard Farm. The cost to reserve a shelter is $50 plus GST. Find out more about reserving a picnic shelter.

Applying for a permit

  • Submit a park use permit application form at least six weeks prior to the special event or activity date.
  • Submit a signed copy of the release and indemnification form which accompanies the application.

Processing a permit

A park use permit will be issued when:
  • Above documentation has been received in its entirety.
  • Permit application has been approved by Regional Parks.
  • Non-refundable permit fee has been received (see fee schedule).
  • Refundable security deposit has been received (see fee schedule).

Allow a minimum of six weeks for permit processing.

Rules, Regulations and Bylaws

All activities and events taking place within regional parks and trails are subject to park rules, regulations and bylaws. Some prohibited activities include:
  • alcoholic beverage consumption
  • smoking
  • excessive noise
  • dogs on beaches and picnic areas between June 1 - September 15
  • horses on beaches, picnic areas and hiking trails
  • motor vehicles, including motor bikes, off paved roads and parking areas
  • open fires and overnight camping (except at Island View Beach Regional Park RV and Tent campground)
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Park Use Permit Applications


For more information contact CRD Regional Parks