How Landfills Work

The CRD owns and operates the Hartland Landfill, the only landfill in the region. Hartland Landfill started as an unregulated dump site in the mid-1950s. In 1985, the CRD took over operation of the site.

Since then, over $33 million has been invested in infrastructure and environmental controls. Thanks to these improvements, Hartland is no longer a dump, but an engineered sanitary landfill.

Engineered sanitary landfills do not all have the same design, but all are designed to minimize landfilling impacts on the surrounding environment.

Landfills may use liners, drainage systems, leachate collection systems, gas collection systems and coverings to prevent anything from moving offsite. Environmental monitoring programs will also be in place to monitor ground water, surface water and landfill gas. Read about Hartland Landfill's environmental monitoring program here

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