The Traffic Safety Commission's purpose is to:

  • review traffic safety problems in the CRD and make recommendations to the CRD Board, through a CRD Board Committee, for the purpose of reducing or eliminating the problems, and
  • plan and operate Traffic Safety education programs within the CRD, as provided for in the annual Budget for the Commission, as approved by the CRD Board.


Due to an increase in the number of traffic incidents in the CRD, ICBC representatives approached the CRD Board to explore the CRD facilitating increased traffic safety in the region through establishing a Traffic Safety Commission.

In June 1989 the CRD Board adopted bylaw No. 1718 cited as Traffic Safety Commission Bylaw No. 1, 1989. In February 1990, the Province of BC granted the CRD power to establish, operate and fund a Traffic Safety Commission Service. In November 1990, five municipal councils & four electoral area directors consented to the CRD Board establishing a Traffic Safety Commission Service. The Board then adopted bylaw No. 1828 cited as Traffic Safety Commission Establishment Bylaw No. 1, 1990. In 2008, Bylaw No 3520 was created to continue the Traffic Safety Commission previously established by Bylaw No 1718, and subsequently additional municipalities joined the service. The service continues to be administered and operated under Establishment Bylaw No 1828.


The Commission is made up of one CRD Director and one alternate CRD Director and 16 community members including one each from the following sectors: the medical community, community health, police, business, university research, traffic engineering sectors, community programs, managers and traffic safety education, specifically:

  1. ICBC Road Safety Division
  2. BCAA Community Impact
  3. Integrated Road Safety Unit
  4. Youth and Society Research Unit, University of Victoria
  5. Traffic Planning Sector
  6. Prevention Services, Vancouver Island Health Authority
  7. Medical Health Officer, Vancouver Island Health Authority
  8. Office of the Coroner
  9. BC Ambulance Service
  10. School Districts
  11. Media (2 representatives)
  12. Vancouver Island Safety Council
  13. Road Safety BC
  14. University of Victoria’s Centre on Aging
  15. Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement, Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
  16. A civilian with related experience

Administrative support for this service is provided by the CRD Planning, Transportation & Protective Services department.


The budget for this service is established through an annual CRD Financial Planning process. It is funded by business/organization initiative co-sponsors and an annual property value tax levied on all municipalities and electoral areas of the CRD except Colwood and Metchosin.