2.660 Water - Fernwood - SSI

The Fernwood Water System provided drinking water to a local water service area on Salt Spring Island consisting of approximately 80 lots. In 2011, a new water treatment plant was constructed to combine the Highland-Fernwood water treatment systems to better address the conditions experienced in St. Mary Lake including frequent algal blooms.

This service has merged with the Highland Water Service to form the Highland-Fernwood Water Service.


In 1989, the CRD Board was requested, by petition from the property owners, to establish a water supply system covering the Fernwood Waterworks District (1963) area. In 1990, the CRD Board adopted Bylaw No 1772 which established a service to operate the supply, conveyance, treatment, storage and distribution of water, called the Fernwood Water Supply Service. In 1990, the CRD assumed the assets and liabilities of the Waterworks District and commenced operating the Service.

The Fernwood and Highland water systems are now being operated and administered jointly. CRD Bylaw No 3753 Highland and Fernwood Water Service Establishment, adopted by the CRD Board in 2011 authorizes the operation and administration of the "combined" service.

The residual annual costs under CRD Bylaw No 1772 are to cover debt servicing payments for capital works previously undertaken for the sole benefit of the Fernwood Water Supply Service. These payments will end when the debt is paid off.


This service will be closed when the debt servicing costs for the Fernwood Water Service Area are paid off. All current business is done through the combined Highland-Fernwood Water Service.


The budget for this service is annual debt servicing. It is paid for by an annual parcel tax, and will end when the debt is paid off.