1.299 Salt Spring Island Arts

This service provides annual funding to the Island Arts Centre Society, the owner of the ArtSpring Theatre, as well as to the Salt Spring Arts Council (formerly the Gulf Islands Community Arts Council).

ArtSpring Theatre is located in downtown Ganges on 1.81 acres of parkland. It is an 11,800-square-foot, two-level heavy timber structure containing a 5,200-square-foot exhibition/multi purpose area and a 6,600-square-foot, 265 seat theatre.

The Salt Spring Arts Council operates out of Mahon Hall on Salt Spring Island, and provides funding, material and organizational support to a broad range of groups and individuals to encourage participation and excellence in the visual and performing arts and crafts.


On the 1st day of September 1991, the CRD granted a sub lease to the Island Arts Centre Society to construct, operate, maintain, repair and use an Arts Centre facility on a portion of Lands the CRD leased from the province (and CRD eventually acquired for parkland). Over a period of years, the theatre was built, paid for in part by community donations (labour and funds) and from CRD grants. ArtSpring Theatre opened in 1999 and Salt Spring Island Parks & Recreation Commission provided a limited contribution to operating funds in the early years.

In 2004 a referendum was held to support ongoing annual funding to ArtSpring and the Gulf Islands Community Arts Council. The referendum passed, and on 24 March 2004, the CRD Board adopted Bylaw No. 3116 "Salt Spring Island Arts Contribution Services Establishment Bylaw No 1, 2003" for the purpose of contributing to the cost of maintaining, equipping and operating the ArtSpring theatre and contributing to Arts programming through the Salt Spring Arts Council (formerly the Gulf Islands Community Arts Council) on Salt Spring Island The total annual contributions are split 85% to the Island Arts Centre Society, 15% to the Salt Spring Arts Council. The service continues to be authorized by Bylaw No 3116.


A standing committee oversees this service and makes recommendations to the CRD Board. This funding service is administered by the CRD Finance & Technology Department.


The budget for this service is established through an annual CRD Financial Planning process and is funded by an annual property value tax levied in the Salt Spring Island Electoral Area.

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