Recycling depot impacts

Depot collection of glass resumed on December 20, depot collection of foam packaging (styrofoam) will resume December 27. Collection of these materials at depots was impacted by flooding and road closures in November. 
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Milk and Plant-Based Beverage Containers

Effective February 1, 2022, the refundable beverage container program in BC is expanding to include "ready-to-drink" milk and plant-based beverages like oat, soy, and almond.
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What would you like to Recycle?

CRD Curbside Blue Box Recycling Program

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Related Products Aerosol Containers (non HHW)
Aluminum Foil and Plates
Coffee Pods
Corrugated Cardboard
Glass Bottles and Jars (non-refundable)
Paper Cups
Pizza Boxes
Plastic Containers (non-refundable)
Plastic Milk Jugs
Plastic Rigid Packaging (no Styrofoam)
Tetra Paks (non-refundable)
Tin Cans (non-refundable)

The Blue Box Recycling Program provides curbside recycling to over 123,000 homes in the Capital Region.

To participate, have your recyclables at the curb by 7:30am on your collection day and utilize a least one CRD blue box or blue bag to indicate to the recycling truck driver the materials are intended for this program.

Note - all items accepted for recycling are banned from residential garbage.

Three Stream Recycling

To comply with Recycle BC processing requirements, collection vehicles have been outfitted with three compartments. Your recyclables must be placed out separated into three streams:

- Glass Bottles and Jars
- Paper, Boxboard and Cardboard
- Metal, Plastic and Paper Containers

Detailed list of items accepted

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Jul 25, 2019, 12:58 PM