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Did you know... that up until the late 1990s, more than 3,000 products containing asbestos and other hazardous materials were used in house construction?

Landfill Disposal Requirements

Large loads (greater than 5,500kg GVW) require a disposal permit and appointment for disposal at Hartland landfill to ensure hazardous items, like asbestos, drywall, thermostats and recyclables have been removed.

Smaller loads (less than 5,500kg GVW) will be inspected by landfill attendants prior to disposal in the bin area to ensure that there are no hazardous materials or banned items are present in the load.

Hartland Rates

$110/tonne Clean demolition waste (loads over 5500kg GVW)
+ $10 bin fee
Clean demolition waste (loads under 5500kg GVW)
$157/tonne Asbestos containing material (in-region)
* Handling requirements
$500/tonne Asbestos containing material (outside region)
* Must be accompanied by this form

Before you being your home renovation find out how to manage the construction waste that will be created:

5 Tips for Your Reno ProjectCouple undergoing DIY Renovation

  1. Protect your health. Before conducting any building demolition or home renovation there is a legal requirement to have a qualified person identify any hazardous materials, such as asbestos or lead containing products. This is known as a Hazardous Materials Survey. The survey identifies of any hazardous items in the house so that they can be safely managed by the homeowner/contractor. Any identified hazardous materials can then be managed safely and the remaining waste can come to Hartland landfill under clean waste disposal permit.
  2. Learn more about special handling and disposal requirements (eg. lead painted items and asbestos containing materials). Note – Drywall contaminated with asbestos is accepted at the Hartland landfill only if accompanied by a Hazardous Materials Survey or other record or testing.
  3. Be prepared. Check what items are banned from disposal at Hartland landfill. For example, concrete, metal and recyclables are banned from disposal at Hartland.
  4. Reduce waste. Visit for information on reuse and recycle options for items such as wood waste, drywall and aluminum framed windows.
  5. Plan ahead. Confirm if you need a disposal permit to ensure your remaining waste items will be accepted at the landfill.

Hartland Resources

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Pollution Prevention

Tips to prevent activities such as painting, paint removal and power washing from polluting our local creeks and shorelines.

  • All paints, solvents and adhesives contain chemicals that are harmful to aquatic life in our waterways. Read more >>
  • Prevent wash water from outside power washing activities from flowing into storm drains or ditches. Read more >>
  • Report a spill or dumping into a storm drain. Read more >>

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