Equity Grants support arts initiatives by applicants from communities at risk of exclusion or that have difficulty accessing support for systemic reasons. Supported activities include, but are not limited to, support of artistic growth, development, production and dissemination.

Application Deadline: Spring, 2022 (date to be determined)

Submit a complete application by email by 4:30pm on the deadline.

Who Can Apply

Applicants must either be:

a society registered in BC from a self-identified community
an individual or group from a self-identified community who is not a society but who is leading a project and has found a society willing to act as a Sponsor Society

Self-identified communities include but are not limited to:

  • Indigenous
  • Racialized persons or people of colour
  • Deaf
  • Those living with challenges related to a physical disability
  • Those living with challenges related to a mental illness
  • Other (tell us using the self-identification form in the application package)

Sponsor Societies may include:

  • Non-arts mandated societies
  • Arts-mandated societies, including those meeting the eligibility for Project Grants; such organizations may apply concurrently as a Sponsor Society to the Equity Grant program and to the Project Grant program

Sponsor Societies may not include:

  • CRD Operating Grant recipients
  • Organizations in arrears with any local authority, are bankrupt, seeking creditor protection, are insolvent, or under court supervision of any kind

Eligible Activities

Eligible expenses include but are not limited to:

  • Support for artistic growth
  • Development of an art project
  • Production of an arts event
  • Presentation of arts activities

Ineligible expenses include:

  • Equipment purchases or other major capital expenditures
  • Fundraising activities, contests or competitions
  • Scholarships

Examples of eligible activities:

  • A not-for-profit organization in Saanich requests $2000 for an art participation program for the deaf community.
  • A not-for-profit organization in Esquimalt requests $2500 for a trans-inclusion film festival.
  • An Indigenous arts collective partners with a not-for-profit society in Metchosin to request $5000 to develop a series of site-specific performance pieces.
  • Browse recent grant recipient projects.

How to Apply

  1. Review guidelines, reference the glossary and FAQs.
  2. Contact us to confirm eligibility and request an application form.
  3. Complete application and self-identification forms. Be sure to show how the project will benefit residents in the capital region in your proposal.
  4. Sign and scan page one of Part A of the application and include this with your digital application and compile supporting documents.
  5. Email a digital copy by 4:30pm on the deadline to the address found on the application form. 

If you have difficulty completing the application or submitting it digitally, please contact us at 250.360.3215.

Guidelines and Sample Application Form

When you are ready to apply request an application form

Grant Amounts

Grant amounts are up to a maximum of $5000.

Reporting for Grant Recipients

Equity grant recipients are required to file a three-part final report within two months of the completion of the project.

To request final report forms, contact us at 250.360.3215 or by email

© Image of Beau Dick Memorial mural by Kay Gallivan, courtesy the artist

Contact Us

Confirm eligibility and request an application form:
Tel: 250.360.3215