CRD IDEA Grants (Innovate, Develop, Experiment, Access)

The second three-year cycle of this program was completed in June 2016 and the program is under review. Pending the implementation strategies from the CRD Arts Strategic Plan currently being developed, more information about this will be posted in the new year.

Continuation of this program to be determined.

Past program: a flexible, small-awards program designed to respond to one-time opportunities and to encourage new, innovative or developmental arts projects and events. IDEA Grants are intended to widen arts participation by organizations that are not served by other CRD Arts Development programs.

For further information please contact the Arts Development Office at 250.360.3215 or by email.

CRD Logo

CRD funding support must be acknowledged on programs, posters, organizational websites and, when possible, verbally. The CRD logo is available in 'eps' and 'tiff' formats, as well as text for written and/or verbal acknowledgement. If you require assistance with CRD logos, please don't hesitate to contact the Arts Development office: 250.360.3215 or email.