In April 2016 the CRD decided to adopt a Project Board approach to the Wastewater Treatment Project. The Project Board has the delegated authority to undertake all aspects of planning, site acquisition, project management and expenditures.

The Wastewater Treatment Project Board has now successfully fulfilled its role and has presented the Capital Regional District Board (CRD) with the Wastewater Treatment Project Completion Report and Governance Transition Report. The CRD, through the Project Board, planned, procured and constructed the Wastewater Treatment Project from May 2016 to May 2021. 

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference sets out the roles, responsibilities and function of the Project Board and provides a framework that includes the Project vision and goals, guiding principles and values, meeting protocols, and identifies those matters that must be referred to the CRD Board for approval.

The CRD Board approved the final Business Case and continues to have overall accountability for the Project. The CRD Board will also maintain responsibility for any changes that could affect scope, schedule and budget.

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