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Wastewater Planning Document Archive

2015-2016 Documents

Project information (2016)

Letters (2016)

Options Development - Planning Documents (2015-2016)

Options Development Consultation (2016)

Siting Consultation (2015)

Engineering Reports (2015-2016)

Fairness & Transparency Advisor (2015-2016)

Technical Oversight Panel (2015-2016)

Presentations to CALWMC (2015-2016)

Eastside Public Consultation (2015-2016)

Option Set Consultation

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Westside Public Consultation (2014-2016)

Option Set Public Consultation (Phase 2)

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Westside Technical Analysis (Fall 2015)

More from the Option Set Consultation (Fall 2015)

Siting Public Consultation (Phase 1)

Site Speak

Westside Option Sets


Westside Solutions Technical Update

Westside Solutions Fact Sheet and Open House Information

Westside Solutions Siting Survey

Westside Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Select Committee


2014 Documents

Liquid Waste Management Plans

Residual Solids Conveyance Pipe (Previous Plan)

Treatment Plant at McLoughlin Point (Previous Plan)

Clover Pump Station (Previous Plan)

Resource Recovery Centre at Hartland landfill (Previous Plan)

Craigflower Pump Station Updates (Previous Plan)

McLoughlin Point Rezoning Docs (2013-2014)

Provincial Funding Business Case (2010)

Peer Review Team - Business Case & Procurement (2009-2010)

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