The Wastewater Treatment Project includes the construction of a pipe which will transport wastewater from the Clover Point Pump Station to the McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant for tertiary treatment. This pipe, called the Clover Forcemain, will run along Dallas Road from Clover Point to Ogden Point, where it will connect to the Victoria cross-harbour undersea pipe. Construction began in October 2018 and is anticipated to take approximately two years to complete.

Current Construction Activity

Pipe installation is complete. Road restoration and cycle path construction is currently underway.

Previous Construction Notices

Construction Impacts

The work along Dallas Road will be constructed in sections to minimize impacts to residents and traffic, working from Ogden Point to Clover Point. There will be multiple work crews during construction. Construction notices will be distributed in advance of construction. There will be single lane alternating traffic during construction.

Infrastructure Improvements

Infrastructure improvements will be made along the alignment to add value and enhance livability of the area. A cycle path will be constructed along the forcemain route once the pipe has been installed. Line painting, wayfinding signage, bike racks, plantings and split rail fencing at key points between dog off-leash areas, three new crosswalks, pathway lighting, and a bike dismount area at the entrance to Clover Point will also be added.

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