Project Type Liquid Waste
Project Status Design
Project Area Victoria


The Wastewater Treatment Project includes construction of a pipe which will transport wastewater from the Clover Point Pump Station to the McLoughlin Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. This pipe, which is referred to as the Clover Forcemain, will run along Dallas Road from Clover Point to Ogden Point, where it will connect to the Victoria Harbour Crossing.

The proposed alignment of the Clover Forcemain was developed in collaboration with City of Victoria planning staff and considered the bluffs, location of mature trees, sensitive vegetation, potential erosion, and traffic impacts. There will be extensive engineering work completed prior to the start of construction to ensure that construction does not compromise the bluffs along Dallas Road.

Geotechnical investigations and monitoring will take place along Dallas Road with an enhanced focus on the shoreline and bluffs prior to, during and after the construction of the Clover Forcemain. The geotechnical investigations will include a series of test holes drilled along the pipe alignment to establish existing geological conditions and to collect samples for laboratory testing and use in establishing geotechnical design parameters for the pipe and bluff stability analysis. The geotechnical monitoring will include the installation of instruments near the bluffs and along the pipe alignment. Recordings from these instruments will be used to monitor conditions during the construction and post construction phase of the project.

A plan will be prepared to mitigate any impacts on the bluffs during construction. Reports detailing the results of the geotechnical investigations and the indicative alignment will be complete in the fall of 2017. The Project Team will report on these to the public at one of its regular community information meetings, to the James Bay Neighbourhood Association and to Victoria City Council. Results will also be posted on the Project website.

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Additional Information

This project is being built as part of the Wastewater Treatment Project.