Updated Management Plan

Regional Parks is updating the 1989 Management Plan for Island View Beach Regional Park. It is time to update the plan due to changes in and around the park over the last 25 years.

The plan sets the management direction for the park. It presents the vision, goals, direction statements, and management objectives and actions for environmental conservation, visitor experience and parks operations and development.

Status of Park Management Plan

The draft plan is the product of extensive public consultation. It strives to strike a balance among the diversity of opinions expressed during this process. It also aims to strike a balance between providing park visitors ample opportunity to explore the park and protecting the park’s environment.

July 2017 - On July 12, the CRD Board postponed consideration of the management plan to allow Board and staff to review late correspondence from Tsawout First Nation. It will be reviewed at a future meeting TBD.

June 2017 - The CRD Regional Parks Committee reviewed a revised draft park management plan at its June 21, 2017 meeting. The Committee put forward additional motions which will be reflected in the official meeting minutes, in the draft plan, and recommended to the CRD Board at its July 12 meeting.

January 2017 - The CRD Regional Parks Committee approved the following motion at its January 18, 2017 meeting:

That the Friends of Island View Beach and Rocky Point Bird Observatory and other stakeholder groups be given 60 days to provide a written submission to the CRD on the Island View Beach Park Management Plan and that staff be available as a resource to assist with submissions.

December 2016 - The CRD Board reviewed the plan at its December 14, 2016 meeting and referred it back to the Parks Committee for discussion.

November 2016 - The CRD Regional Parks Committee endorsed the park management plan at its November 16, 2016 meeting and recommended it to the CRD Board for approval.

Public Participation Process

The CRD Regional Parks Committee approved a four-step public participation process to guide the preparation of a park management plan for Island View Beach Regional Park.

Step 1 – Share information about the park’s natural environment (Spring 2015);
Step 2 – Identify park management issues and interests (Summer 2015);
Step 3 – Hold community dialogue session (Fall 2015);
Step 4 – Prepare and present a draft plan, seek feedback, and prepare a final plan (Spring 2016 to date).