Project Type Active Transportation; Parks & Trails; Recreation
Project Status Construction
Project Area Sooke
Estimated Cost $1,500,000
Estimated Start Date 15-Sep-2019
Estimated End Date 31-Aug-2020
Contracted To / Performed By Seismic2000 Construction


The CRD is rehabilitating the Todd Creek Trestle along the Galloping Goose Regional Trail near Sooke Potholes Regional Park. The trestle remains closed while construction activities are underway.

There will be increased activity and active construction at the trestle starting in September 2019. Please do not enter this area until the trestle is officially reopened, once construction and safety assessments are complete. We anticipate the trestle opening late August 2020.

The bypass trail is also closed during construction. The Galloping Goose Regional Trail can be accessed north of the closure via Sooke Potholes Regional Park. Access south of the trestle is via Sooke River Road parking lot.

CRD staff assessed repair options with engineers and determined restoring the trestle is the most cost-efficient and beneficial solution.

This 4-story wooden trestle is 100 years-old. It is considered a valuable asset to the regional trails system and to the visitors' experience. Rehabilitation work will add an additional 35-50 year life span to the structure.


  • toddcreek-trestle1
    Todd Creek Trestle is 100 years old - Click to view full size image
  • toddcreek-trestle4
    Todd Creek Trestle Bypass for cyclists - Click to view full size image

Alerts & Notices

  • Todd Creek Trestle and Bypass Trail Closed

    Closed for trestle repairs until late August 2020.

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