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Project Status Construction
Project Area Saanich



The South Island Communications Centre will be the first point of contact for 9-1-1 callers on South Vancouver Island and will also house police call-taking and dispatch for the Victoria, Saanich, Central Saanich and Oak Bay police departments as well as all local RCMP detachments.

The state-of-the-art post-disaster facility will be located at 4219 Commerce Circle in Saanich and is expected to be operational by early 2019.

Project Update

Construction began in October 2017 following completion of agreements between all partners and completion of the schematic design package. Stantec Consulting has been retained to design and provide project management services for the new South Island Communications Centre. Durwest Construction Management has been retained to act as construction management on the project. The project is on time and on budget with expectations to be operational by January 2019.


The CRD Board set a Strategic Priority to "collaborate with partners to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies". A new centre supports this priority while creating opportunities for improved efficiencies, upgrading to meet post disaster standards, and modernizing equipment.

The South Island Police Dispatch Steering Committee, comprised of CRD staff, police chiefs, the Province of British Columbia, RCMP and ECOMM worked together to plan and develop an operational framework for proposed unified 911 Primary Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and Police Dispatch for the region.


  • entry-vestibule
    Entry Vestibule taken September 24
  • frontbuilding-09122018
    Front of Building taken September 12
  • quiet-room-09122018
    Quiet Room taken September 12
  • view-dispatchfloor-09122018
    View from Dispatch Floor taken September 12
  • mainfloor-hall-09122018
    Main Floor Hall taken September 12
  • training-room-09122018
    Training Room taken September 12
  • fitness-studio-09122018
    Fitness Studio taken September 12
  • meeting-room
    Meeting Room taken September 24
  • security-office
    Security Office taken September 24
  • training-room
    Training Room taken September 24
  • 2ndfloor-elevator
    Second Floor Elevator taken September 24
  • security-office-09122018
    Security Office taken September 12
  • upper-parkade-09122018
    Upper Parkade taken September 12
  • fitness-room
    Fitness Room taken September 24
  • parkade-lowerentrance-09122018
    Parkade Lower Entrance taken September 12
  • ramp-lowerparkade
    Ramp to Lower Parkade taken September 24
  • entryvestibule-09122018
    Entry Vestibule taken September 12
  • dispatch-floor2-09122018
    Dispatch Floor taken September 12
  • dispatch-floor2
    Dispatch Floor taken September 24
  • supervisorarea-dispatchfloor
    Supervisor Area, Dispatch Floor taken September 24
  • ramp-upperparkade-mainentrance
    Ramp to Upper Parkade and Main Entrance taken September 24
  • main-entrance
    Main Entrance taken September 24
  • dispatch-floor-09122018
    Dispatch Floor taken September 12
  • main-entrance-09122018
    Main Entrance taken September 12
  • front-building
    Front Building taken September 24
  • parkade-dispatchfloor
    Parkade from Dispatch Floor taken September 24
  • mainfloor-hallway
    Main Floor Hallway taken September 24
  • dispatch-floor3
    Dispatch Floor taken September 24
  • locker-room-09122018
    Locker Room taken September 12
  • dispatch-floor4
    Dispatch Floor taken September 24
  • dispatch-floor
    Dispatch Floor taken September 24
  • eatery-09122018
    Eatery taken September 12
  • dispatch-supervisorarea-09122018
    Dispatch Floor from Supervisor Area taken September 12

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