Project Type Recreation
Project Status Completed
Project Area Salt Spring Island
Estimated Cost $213,000
Estimated Start Date 01-Dec-2017
Estimated End Date 30-Jun-2018
Estimated Duration 7 months


The Salt Spring Bike Club and the Salt Spring Island Lions Club have requested support from the Salt Spring Parks and Recreation Commission (PARC) and the broader community to envision, plan and build a family bike park on Salt Spring Island.

A family bike park is a dirt surfaced, outdoor recreation space with technical features professionally designed to facilitate and develop bicycle skills among children, youth and adults.

Presently there are little to no safe, soft surfaced areas for young kids learning to ride. Cycling on many of Salt Spring Island’s roads can be considered unsafe. There are limited active recreation opportunities for older youth, especially those not interested in team sports. A family style bike park would provide a location to gather all generations to participate in active recreation and promote safe cycling practices. Communities such as Tofino, Cobble Hill and Sooke have built family bike parks.

After consultation with staff and PARC a location has been identified in the treed area at the southeast corner of Mouat Park at 160 Seaview Avenue. The 2011 Salt Spring Island Parks System Master Plan contemplates woodland biking and a bike park in Mouat Park. The potential location behind the Artspring upper parking lot is currently unused for recreation activities. Following an environmental assessment and other feasibility studies the CRD and the Salt Spring Island Bike Club will be consulting with community members and surrounding neighbours to identify and resolve any potential concerns with the bike park project.

The Salt Spring Island Lions Club have donated $150,000 to build the bike park. The donation was made to the community in celebration of the club’s 60th anniversary which occurs in 2018.

Revised Design Plan

A revised design plan has been created for the Salt Spring Lions Commemorative Bike Park (Bike Park). The updated design responds to:

  • Environmental conditions of the site
  • Professional analysis including biologist and arborist reports
  • Community consultation conducted between mid-2017 and April 2018
  • Professional design specifications and standards for a family bike skills park

The Bike Park is a 0.8 acre dirt-surfaced woodland bike trail network planned for the South-East corner of Mouat Park, adjacent to Seaview Avenue. The Bike Park is designed to facilitate skill development and cycling opportunities for new and young cyclists. The refined design consists of three main trail loops, one for beginners, one requiring more advanced balancing skills and a larger loop for intermediate riders. Each trail loop will contain a variety of skills features that are challenging and fun for riders of the varying levels, such as table tops, berms and wooden bridges.

The revised Bike Park design was approved by Salt Spring Island Park and Recreation Commission (PARC) in May 2018. The design is sensitive to site conditions and has been designed to retain mature trees.

Tree Removal

Eleven dead and dangerous trees and one living maple were removed on Wednesday and Thursday July 25, 26, 2018. Please refer to the arborist report for additional information. The design is sensitive to site conditions and has been designed to retain mature trees.

Grand Opening

The bike park is now open from dawn to dusk. Thank you to all those who attended the grand opening on August 6, 2018.

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    Lions Club President Lorne Bunyan and SSI EA Director Wayne McIntyre
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    Trials riding demonstration
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    Trials riding demonstration

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Last updated August 07

  • Updated project status and added photos from grand opening event


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