Project Type Liquid Waste
Project Status Construction
Project Area Salt Spring Island
Estimated Cost $3,900,000
Contracted To / Performed By Amec Foster Wheeler


Ganges sewer treatment plant was constructed in the early 1980's and has only received minor upgrades and repairs/replacements since construction. Many components of the treatment plant, the collection system and the pump stations are at or near end of life. The treatment plant requires upgrades to the fine screens, Membrane Bioreactors (MBR), cleaning tank heaters, outfall, sludge thickening tank and membranes, the Motor Control Centre (MCC), additional equalization and the influent pumps, the collection system requires upgrades to reduce inflow and infiltration to regain capacity, and rehabilitation of the pump stations.

The objectives are to: upgrade the equipment to ensure the effluent quality continues to meet the Ministry of Environment discharge requirements; avoid temporary emergency discharge of untreated sewage and allow for better control of discharge quality; minimize emergency operating and maintenance costs and allow a planned approach to fiscally manage system operation and public safety; and improve the collection system to accommodate community development.

As of March 2018, the CRD has completed design for upgrades to the Ganges Wastewater Treatment Plan, Mason and Harbour House Pump Station and conducted a video inspection of the sanitary sewer system. Currently, the Ganges Wastewater Treatment Plant and Pump Station upgrades are being tendered with an anticipated completion of January 2019.

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