Project Type Liquid Waste
Project Status Construction
Project Area Oak Bay
Estimated Cost $6,000,000
Estimated Start Date 02-May-2022
Estimated End Date 31-Oct-2023
Estimated Duration 1.5 years


The aging Northeast Trunk - Bowker sanitary sewer system is made from large diameter cast-in-place brick and non-reinforced concrete pipes. Based on results of CCTV inspection about 2,750m of sanitary sewer pipes form Foul Bay Rd. to Currie Pump Station are deteriorating, and must be relined.

A construction contract for these works is anticipated to be awarded in June 2022. A construction schedule for these works are not yet known, however construction will likely occur between June and October 2022, or between May and October 2023.

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Kyle Teschke, Project Engineer