The Salt Spring Island Transportation Commission (SSITC) serves in an advisory role to the CRD and to BC Transit on matters related to the transit service and to transportation related community needs and projects.


Established under Bylaw No. 3438, the Salt Spring Island Transit and Transportation Service provides a public transit and transportation system on Salt Spring Island. The Commission advises the CRD and BC Transit on bus service funding, schedules, routes and other details of the service. The transportation function of the Commission includes:

  • conducting transportation studies
  • construction, installation, maintenance and regulation of sidewalks and bicycle paths
  • construction, maintenance and regulation of parking spaces, areas and facilities
  • implementing and providing transportation demand management programs
  • construction and maintenance of pedestrian safety and traffic calming facilities

Transit Bylaws

Salt Spring Island Community Transit and Transportation Service Establishment

Salt Spring Island Transportation Commission


Bus service was established on Salt Spring Island in January 2008.The Salt Spring Island Transportation Commission (SSITC) consists of the CRD Director and eight volunteers appointed by the CRD Board. Commissioners serve two year terms. Agendas, including meeting time and location, are posted on this website 72 hours prior to each meeting.

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The transportation service is funded by annual tax requisition. The transit service is fund by requisition, as well as by transit fare revenues.