The CRD Building Inspection Division is responsible for overseeing the construction, alteration, repair or demolition of buildings by ensuring the construction complies with the BC Building Code with respect to the health, safety, fire and structural integrity of buildings and structures. The building inspectors confirm that the work carried out meets the requirements of the BC Building Code, CRD Building Bylaw, Local Government Act and all other relevant bylaws and regulations. Building inspectors carry out inspections at various stages of construction and keep records on file for future reference. Beyond the immediate role of ensuring safe construction, these inspection records provide verification of no longer visible building elements located within a building or structure. The building inspectors establish trust and credibility with internal and external stakeholders. Lending institutions, appraisers, lawyers and others can then rely on building inspection records in determining the value of a building.


The supplementary letters patent were adopted December 30, 1969 which gave the Capital Regional District (CRD) planning functions that also included building inspection. The CRD Building Inspection Division was first created in the early 1970s and has provided building inspection services to the electoral areas for over 40 years.

Our staff are highly trained and versatile in all aspects of building inspection. The Building Inspection Division has four offices that are responsible for the administration of building inspection services in the electoral areas of the CRD. These areas include Juan de Fuca, Salt Spring Island, and the Southern Gulf Islands. The Building Inspection Division also provides building inspection services to CRD departments, other municipalities and First Nations. We currently are providing building inspection services to the Tsawout and Songhees First Nations.

Design and construction of buildings and structures are governed by the following:


The Building Inspection division of the CRD is responsible for the regulation of construction, alteration, and repair or demolition of buildings and structures within the capital region's three electoral areas (Juan de Fuca, Salt Spring Island and the Southern Gulf Islands). Each incorporated municipality in the CRD has its own building inspection office.

Land use planning and zoning are also governed by the CRD for the Juan de Fuca electoral area; however, for Salt Spring and the Southern Gulf Islands, these issues are handled by the Islands Trust. In Juan de Fuca, each community's Official Community Plan also provides clauses for land use.


Building Inspection is funded through an approved budget formalized through an annual CRD tax requisition (property tax) and through permit fees.