The building permit reports available here include historical data up to the latest complete reporting cycle - two months preceeding the current month. For example, if you are accessing this site in January 2011, data will be available up to and including the previous November 2010; in February 2011 data will be available up to and including December 2010, etc. Note that historical data can, from time to time, be updated (due to receipt of new information) and will be reflected in the subtotals and totals in the newly run reports.

Other things to note:

  • Each municipality may use slightly different criteria for recording building permit data (e.g. Residential permits may or may not include plumbing, etc.)
  • The dollar value shown for building permits refers to construction value and may differ slightly from that reported by municipalities due to rounding
  • Some federal and provincial projects do not require building permits the values of these projects are not, therefore, included in the totals

DISCLAIMER: The reports generated from this website are for information purposes only. The information is obtained from numerous sources and we are, therefore, not responsible for any errors or omissions.