Map Services

The CRD provides live connections to most data by way of map services. By connecting to these map services in a desktop GIS or CAD software package you are able to map and print the information.

The advantage of map services is that you are consuming the most up to date version of the data as possible. In the near future the ability to change cartography and query the data will be added to these map services.

If your software cannot connect to a rest endpoint directly (such as AutoCAD or Qgis), remove "/rest" from the URL then append "/WMSserver" to the end of the URL to connect as a WMS service. For example:

  • Rest URL:
  • WMS URL:

It is important to note that these service names do change occasionally as the data architecture in our GIS databases changes.

All of the CRD’s map services can be found here:

Specific “most requested” services are listed below:


Properties and Addresses

Aerial Photography

Dates of aerial photo acquisition:

2019 - June, July 1
2017 - May 25, 26, 27
2015 - May
2011 - June
2009 - June
2007 - June 1
2005 - May 28


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Please email for questions regarding Geographical Information Systems or map services.