What is scavenging?

Scavenging means that someone is taking recyclable materials from your blue box or bag without your permission.

What can I do to curtail scavenging?

To help curtail scavenging, don't place refundable beverage containers out with your curbside recycling. Instead, take them to a bottle depot or return them to the retailer for a refund. Or save them for a charity bottle drive pick up or event.

Why should I be concerned about scavenging from my recycling containers?

One issue of growing concern is identity theft. Scavengers may take documents with your personal information and use the information without your knowledge or consent. This can pose a serious threat to your privacy.

How can I protect myself against identity theft?

We recommend that you shred or tear all papers containing personal information prior to recycling. You can also use a permanent dark pen to cover up confidential information. Place shredded paper in a closed or stapled paper bag, cereal box or other non-corrugated box inside your blue bag.

We also recommend that you place your recyclables at the curb as close as possible to the pick-up time of 7:30am on the morning of your collection day. This reduces the opportunity for scavengers to rummage through your blue boxes and bags.