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Wood Shakes

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Wood Shakes
Cedar shakes are naturally pressure treated and can last up to 50 years on your roof. So inspect your roof regularly, but don’t re-roof until absolutely necessary.

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How do I go green?


Go up on the roof once a year, or have a professional do so, and make sure everything is looking good.  Removing and/or replacing damaged or missing shakes early could help you avoid water or mould damage which can require re-roofing a larger section.


Wood shakes can be chipped and reused by the proper facilities. 
Wood shakes are often treated with a fire retardant, or CCA (chromated copper arsenate, arsenic being a known carcinogen) to inhibit the growth of mildew, mold or fungus, and to protect the roof from insects.  If CCA-treated wood is burned in confined spaces such as a domestic fire, wood stove or barbecue, carcinogens are released into the inhaled smoke and into the environment.  It is not recommended for re-use as kindling.


When taken to one of the facilities listed below your recycled shakes may make their way to a company that will use them as an alternate fuel source for power generation.   Emission controls are in place in these plants to minimize pollution.

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  • A&P Disposal & Recycling

    6220 Marilyn Road

  • Alpine Disposal & Recycling

    1045 Dunford Ave.

  • DL's Recycling Centre

    6844 Oldfield Rd

  • Ellice Recycle

    524 David Street

  • Ellice Recycle (commercial dump capable loads only)

    2525 Bridge Street

  • H.L. Disposal & Lawn Services Ltd.

    334 Hillside Ave

  • North Saanich Public Works Yard (North Saanich Residents Only)

    Municipal Pit, Littlewood Road
    North Saanich

  • Salt Spring Island Recycling Depot

    349 Rainbow Road
    Salt Spring Island

  • Sooke Disposal Ltd.

    No drop off depot.

  • The Environmental Story

    The good news is, as with everything, the power of change lies with individuals.  The choice to allow change lies with the consumer, with the roofing contractor, with all who have a stake in the roof replacement project.  As a consumer, such as a home owner ready to replace a roof, one can request for the old roofing materials to be recycled.  Doing so significantly helps the process of converting 'old school' roofers into new age recyclers.

    Wood shakes give a roof character and a look like nothing else, but think about all the options: when replacing your old wood shakes, there are also roof shakes made from 100% recycled plastic. A roof like that will always appear a beautiful shade of green to the appreciative eye.

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