The CRD Bylaw No. 3516 allows staff to inspect and enforce cross connection control requirements according to the BC Building Code and CSA Group standards.


Backflow Prevention Tester Contacts

The following local companies employ certified backflow prevention assembly testers. Ensure that the tester you contract has current certification and that their test gauge is calibrated to meet the requirements of the CRD and Bylaw No. 3516.

This information is provided only to assist the public and does not represent any endorsement by the CRD. Companies other than those listed may be used to perform testing if they employ certified testers.


CSA Hazard and Facility Types

Bylaw No. 3516

Know your responsibilities as a water supplier or municipality. Read the Cross Connection Control Bylaw No. 3516 found in Water Bylaws.


Cross connection control workshops and community seminars are arranged periodically by CRD staff. Read more >>

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