Cross Connection Control Portal

Welcome to the CRD Cross Connection Control portal. Use the portal to register your backflow prevention devices, manage testing by a certified tester and view the status of your devices electronically.

Click on one of the links below to take you to your portal destination.

Facility Contacts (including homeowners)

Facility contacts and homeowners can electronically manage the testing of backflow devices installed on their property. Click here to login >>

Facility Inspectors

For CRD use only.

Device Testers

Test assignments are electronically distributed to backflow prevention device testers by email. The email may be received directly from a property owner or from a certified testing company.

Testers are responsible for ensuring that their certification and calibration documentation is current with the CCC program. If these documentations are outdated or expired, access to the system will be denied. Click here to login >>

Device Testers Mobile