CCC Portal

Welcome to the CRD Cross Connection Control (CCC) portal site. The portal site enables registered facility contacts to manage the receipt and testing of BFP devices installed at their facilities. Test assignments are then electronically distributed to certified BFP device testers for them to complete.

Facility Contacts

Facility Contacts have the ability to electronically manage the receipt and testing assignments of the backflow devices located in their facility. The Facility Contact person must complete a one-time registration form to gain access to this portion of the portal application. Click the Facility Contacts link on the left and then click the blue register on the far right to begin. An E-Mail confirming the registration completes the registration process and enables the Facility Contact person to access the portal application. Contact the Cross Connections Control office at 250-474-9506 for assistance or additional information.

Device Testers

Device Testers receive Test Assignments electronically through Email Notifications. The Email Notification may be received directly from a Facility Mailing Contact or from a Testing Company. Click the Device Testers link on the left and enter the Log In form information to gain access to the portal application.

Testers are responsible to ensure their certification and calibration documentation is kept current with the CCC Program otherwise access to the system will be denied.
Device Testers Mobile