A building permit is required before commencing:
  • Site excavation or blasting
  • Construction, repairing or altering a building or structure
  • Moving a building
  • Changing an occupancy
  • Installation of any plumbing
  • Construction of a masonry fireplace or installation of a solid fuel burning appliance or factory/masonry chimney
  • Installation of an oil burning appliance or oil tank
  • Demolishing, deconstructing or removal of a building
Electric, gas and sewage disposal work require separate permits and inspections. Contact the appropriate agency listed on this site.

You may not start any stage of a project, including demolition or excavation until a building permit has been obtained.

A building permit is not required for:
  • Minor repairs or alterations to non-structural components of the building
  • When a valve, faucet, fixture or service water heater is repaired or replaced, stoppage cleared, or a leak repaired if no change to the piping is required
  • For an accessory building less than 10m2 that is used for utility purposes that does not create a hazard
  • Retaining structures less than 1.2 meters in height
  • Other retaining structures more than 1.2 meters in height and greater than 30o off vertical
If you are unsure whether your project will require a permit, call the Building Inspection office in your area.