Water Supply Master Plan

The Capital Regional District (CRD) Regional Water Supply Master Plan was released in 2022 and includes a proposed infrastructure program to:

  • Improve the water supply and transition system
  • Add redundancy to critical components, and
  • Address hazards and risks.

Modeling indicates that by 2045 additional water will need to be sourced from the deep northern basin of Sooke Lake Reservoir and the Leech River water supply catchment area. 

The plan recommends 21 major projects to be implemented over the next 30 years to meet anticipated water supply and treatment needs based on the projected population for the year 2050. The recommendations also consider climate change impacts on water supply and demand, anticipated changes in raw water characteristics and regulatory requirements.

Master Plan Engagement

Feedback received from the public in 2022 will be used to guide how the plan is implemented over time, with further public engagement carried out as each proposed project of the plan is considered.  Engagement with First Nations will be ongoing, with a focus on projects located in or near traditional territories and areas of cultural significance.  All proposed projects in the Master Plan will undergo a stringent financial review by the CRD Board prior to beginning.

Regional Water Supply Strategic Plan

The Master Plan advances the commitments, priorities and actions adopted in the 2017 Regional Water Supply Strategic Plan. The strategic plan guides the future direction for the Regional Water Supply Service with a planning horizon to the year 2050.

Regional Water Supply Commission Special Meeting

On March 1, 2024, there was a Special Meeting of the Regional Water Supply Commission (RWSC) to provide an overview of the CRD's 2022 Regional Water Supply Master Plan. The CRD presented an overview of the Master Plan and Island Health presented about the need for filtration within the Greater Victoria Water Supply System.

About the Regional Water Supply System

The CRD Regional Water Supply System delivers safe and sustainable drinking water to more than 400,000 people living in Greater Victoria. This work includes protecting the source, disinfecting the water and monitoring water quality, operating and maintaining transmission and distribution systems and investing in infrastructure renewal. The Regional Water Supply Service delivers water to customers situated in 13 local municipalities, 8 First Nations and the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area through a mix of sub-regional and local distribution systems.

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