About the Regional Housing Trust Fund

The Regional Housing Trust Fund (RHTF) was established by the CRD Board in 2005, in recognition that housing affordability is a regional priority and key issue in the capital region.

The Fund provides capital grants for “bricks and mortar” in the acquisition, development and retention of housing that is affordable to households with low or moderate incomes in the region. The RHTF has significantly increased the Capital Region’s ability to raise funds for affordable housing, by raising an ongoing equity stake that can be used to leverage additional funds, primarily from senior levels of government and the private sector.

The Regional Housing Trust Fund Commission prioritized the use of RHTF grants for the development of affordable housing units within approved Regional Housing First Program (RHFP) projects. Please note that RHTF Applications and Letters of Intent from projects outside the Regional Housing First Program are being suspended until further notice.

Application Steps for RHFP Projects:

  1. Review the RHTF Program Guidelines and Project Assessment Criteria to determine if your organization is eligible and your proposal meets the basic criteria.
  2. Send a Letter of Intent to the Chair of the RHTF Commission. See the guidelines for the Letter Of Intent for details.
  3. Organizations will have an opportunity to make a presentation to the Commission about their proposal. The Commission will review the Letter of Intent to ensure the proposal meets basic eligibility criteria. The purpose of this step is to prevent organizations from spending resources preparing full application packages for projects unlikely to receive funding from the RHTF.
  4. The Commission will invite applicants with eligible proposals to submit a full application package.

Application Form

For more information contact:

Melanie Hope
RHTF Administrator
Tel. 250.360.3081