Irrigation systems are useful tools for cultivating a healthy lawn and garden, however, when not properly maintained, they can waste water.

Information for Installing an Automatic Irrigation System

irrigation-hhIf you are planning on installing an irrigation system, we recommend the following:

Watering Efficiency and Irrigation Systems

It is much more common to damage plants by over watering than by under watering. The following are answers to common questions about irrigation systems that will help you to use water efficiently, and ensure optimal plant health.

How often should I perform maintenance on my irrigation system?

Regularly (at least monthly) check sprinkler heads to ensure they are adjusted to spray appropriate landscape areas, and are not clogged or malfunctioning. Have your irrigation system checked by a contractor at least once every year.

When to water?

Lawns only need 25 mm (one inch) of water per week, including rain. Adjust your irrigation system to account for rainy days so your lawn does not receive too much water. Ensure that the settings for your irrigation system comply with the CRD Watering Schedule.

What to do about brown spots

If there are brown spots on your lawn, it is much more efficient to water those spots by hand than to run the irrigation system for longer and over water other areas.

How do I know if I have a leak in my irrigation system?

If you see any areas of your lawn that are always wet, or have puddles, that is a good indication. Learn how to check for leaks in your irrigation system.

Outdoor Water Use Fact Sheets

Our water conservation fact sheets offer tips for saving water in your garden: