There are many easy ways to save water in and around your home. By checking for leaks regularly and changing your water habits, you can save water, energy, money and – most importantly – you can protect the quality of life for future generations and ecosystems. Small changes add up to big savings!

Adopt these five water wise home habits and more:

  • Strive for 5 minute showers
  • Turn off the tap when lathering hands, brushing teeth and shaving
  • Wash full loads in the dishwasher and washing machine
  • Reuse water from washing and cooking vegetables
  • Watch your water bill for anomalies in water use which may indicate a leak in your system


Check out where water is used inside the home!


How much water do I use? How can I compare? How can I conserve? This quick and easy water calculator shows you which water uses in your home are efficient, and which are not.