High-Efficiency Faucet or Aerator Benefits

High-efficiency faucets use a maximum of 5.7 L/min (1.5 gallons/min) without sacrificing performance, saving 30% of water compared to high flow faucets.

Aerators are inexpensive, easy to find and install retrofits for your faucets that can save water. Look for ultra-low flow 1.9 L/min devices.

The average family can save 2600 litres of water per year by replacing inefficient faucets and aerators! That’s the equivalent of 45 showers plus energy savings from heating less water.

It's also good homeowner practice to inspect faucet aerators annually to clean out the screen for any particles that may accumulate and impede its flow and efficiency.

Aerator Installation

Installing a faucet aerator is an inexpensive way to save water and money. Check out this PDF or video to learn how to install an aerator.