A comprehensive monitoring program is being carried out to verify permit compliance and confirm that the self-monitoring data being submitted by permitted facilities are representative of their discharges to sewer. This compliance monitoring includes collection and analysis of random audit samples from each permitted site twice per year. Additional sampling events are carried out, as necessary, on suspected problem discharges from permitted sites.

For facilities operating under codes of practice, monitoring is also carried out on a random basis at about 5% of the facilities in each sector per year. This monitoring is done to confirm the effectiveness of the treatment works and procedures required under each code.


The district has adopted a stepwise, cooperative approach to enforcement of the Sewer Use Bylaw, as outlined in the downloadable:

This enforcement policy classifies offences, outlines enforcement steps and includes use of cooperative measures, such as increased communication, education and monitoring to resolve issues of non-compliance. This policy is regularly updated and approved by the CRD Board.

Where cooperative efforts to achieve compliance using the enforcement policy have failed, warnings or tickets of between $50 and $1000 per offence may be issued by CRD bylaw enforcement officers under the CRD Ticket Information Authorization Bylaw. For more serious or continuing offences, fines up to $10,000 per offence per day may be issued under the Sewer Use Bylaw.