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Integrated Watershed Management program (IWMP) staff recognize that although stormwater systems are designed only to manage precipitation (e.g. rain and snow), contaminants can be carried with rain into our storm drains, which to lead our creeks, streams and the nearshore marine environment.

CRD help support local government’s role in manage stormwater systems. The supporting role ranges from monitoring stormwater discharges; creating stormwater management outreach materials; to creating model bylaws.

Industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) facilities operators play an important role in protecting our local environment. By adopting stormwater best management practices and adhering to applicable regulations, contaminant loading to the environment can be significantly reduced.

Model Storm Sewer and Watercourse Protection Bylaw

One of the proactive regulatory tools IWMP developed is the Model Storm Sewer and Watercourse Protection Bylaw. The bylaw provides municipalities with the regulatory powers to prohibit certain types of wastes from being discharged into storm sewers and watercourses to protect the environment, public health, municipal infrastructure, watercourses and the nearshore marine environment.

Model Codes of Practice

The model bylaw contains provisions for Codes of Practice to be established for different business sectors. These codes are a set of rules regulating what can and can't go into the stormwater system, along with a list of controls and monitoring that may be required at each location.

Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices (BMPs) provide the public and business sectors with educational information and suggested practices aimed at minimizing the negative impact that their operations could have as a result of stormwater contamination. To date, two BMPs have been developed.

Bylaw & Discussion Papers

Downloadable Codes of Practice

Best Management Practices

More Information

For more information regarding regulating Stormwater in the Region, please contact the Stormwater Source Control Officer.

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