Managing Stormwater

Although stormwater systems are designed to manage precipitation (rain and snow), contaminants are often carried with rain into our stormwater drains, which are connected to our creeks, streams and shorelines.

fishdrain-hhThe CRD supports local governments in managing stormwater systems, including monitoring stormwater, administrating bylaws and providing management tools and information.

Industrial, commercial and institutional facility operators also have an important role in protecting stormwater. By adhering to applicable regulations and adopting best management practices, stormwater contaminants can be significantly reduced.

Municipalities have bylaws that regulate and prohibit certain types of wastes from being discharged into stormwater drains. These bylaws are in place to protect public health and the environment. Contact your municipality for relevant regulations. On the Saanich Peninsula, contact the CRD for more information.

Saanich Peninsula Stormwater Bylaw No. 4168: Central Saanich, North Saanich & Sidney

The CRD has created Bylaw No. 4168 to regulate stormwater discharges to the municipal drainage systems on the Saanich Peninsula. The bylaw regulates and prohibits certain types of wastes from entering stormwater drainage systems in order to protect municipal infrastructure, public health, local waterways and the marine shoreline environment.

Under the bylaw regulations, everyone needs to ensure that the water leaving their property is free of contamination. This will ensure that only clean water enters nearby stormwater drains that are connected to local creeks and waterways. This can be accomplished by:

  • ensuring that activities on land do not leave waste or chemicals that can be picked up by rain water (such as oil from vehicles and vehicle maintenance)
  • ensuring that domestic water use does not wash contaminants into the stormwater drain or a watercourse, (such as water from power washing, landscaping and painting).

The bylaw includes codes of practice for businesses regarding parking lots and outdoor storage of materials or equipment. We encourage all businesses on the Saanich Peninsula to review their outdoor wastewater discharge practices to ensure they are meeting Bylaw 4168 requirements. Environmental officers are actively working with businesses to help with bylaw compliance.

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