Harbours and Watersheds Programs

Borrow a Watershed Model

An EnviroScape watershed model.Looking for resources to bring harbours and watersheds protection content into your classroom? Borrow an EnviroScape® watershed model and demonstrate how we are all connected through water and watersheds. Watershed models can be used to create hands-on learning opportunities, aid students in visualizing how water flows through the environment and highlight how human behaviours impact watershed health.

Contact us to borrow a watershed model or to discuss other methods of incorporating watershed protection education into your learning plans.

Storm Drain Marking Program

Do the storm drains near your school have yellow fish painted beside them? The yellow fish are there to remind us to keep harmful things out of the storm drains because they empty directly into local streams.

If everyone lets a small amount of pollution—such as oils and gasolines, pesticides and fertilizer, paint chips, or carwash detergents—into the storm drain, it adds up to toxic levels that kill insects, plants, and fish.

If your class would like to participate in the Storm Drain Marking Program developed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, please contact the Victoria, BC Education Coordinator to receive your Strom Drain Marking Kit, informational brochures, and guidance on how to complete the program.

High School Biodiversity Challenge

Join us on iNaturalist to observe and record the incredible biodiversity of the region. Work together as a class to record observations of living things on the CRD High School Biodiversity Challenge project page. Compete with classes across the region to see who can log the most observations, find the greatest variety of species or find rare living things.

iNaturalist is a free online app that encourages individuals to get outside and explore and document biodiversity. The community works together to identify, share knowledge and track all living things. Information added to the app contributes to citizen science projects used across the globe.

Contact us for more information on how to use iNaturalist and start documenting biodiversity!

Borrow a Watershed Model

Click here to request a watershed model for your school. 


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