Climate Action Programs

Whether you are taking action to transform how you and others travel to school, the products your organization buys, or the way in which you dispose of your waste, there are tremendous opportunities to go green at school.

Cool It! Climate Leadership Training 

  • The CRD partners with the BC Sustainable Energy Association to deliver climate education to elementary and high school students in the region. The Cool It! Climate Leadership Training teaches students about climate change and identifies how they can become a part of the solution.
  • Cool It! workshops are available for free and can be offered online or in-person through the elementary stream (Grade 4-7) or the high school stream (Grade 8-12). 

Walk and Wheel to School

  • Walk and Wheel to School  is a fun and free initiative that celebrates and encourages students and their families to choose active travel for all or part of their usual commute to school.
  • Our free guidebook includes event ideas and resources for schools and parents, including information on the benefits of active travel to help you run a great Walk and Wheel to School event.  

Climate Action To-Go Kits (update coming early 2024!)