The watershed maps below can be used as a simplistic visual assessment, or snapshot, of the health of a watershed based on the types of land use (forests, agriculture, impervious surfaces, etc.) within the watershed. The maps were created using data from 2011 land cover mapping data.

Please note: The land cover maps depict percentage of land cover, but not density of cover within each class. For example, the dark green areas represent treed areas, but the density of the tree cover could range greatly from 100% to less than 25% tree cover. Information on percentage cover by density class (0-5%, >5-10%, >10-25%, >25-50%, >50-75% and >75%) is available for tree and impervious land cover.

Land Cover Watershed Maps


These maps are for general information purposes only. The CRD makes no representations or warranties regarding accuracy or completeness of these map or the suitability of these maps for any purpose. These maps are not for navigation. The CRD will not be liable for any damage, loss or injury resulting from the use of these maps or information on these maps and these maps may be changed by the CRD at any time.