Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness Society


As a Corporate Member under the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness Society's bylaw, the CRD Board can appoint  up to 7 representatives which can be either CRD Directors or Alternate Directors (3), and corporate representatives (staff).  The Board of Directors of the Society will include the following Appointed Directors from the 7 Corporate Member representatives: 3 Directors from the CRD, to include the Mayor of Victoria, who will be the CRD Co-Chair on the Society's Board of Directors, and 2 Directors, or Alternate Directors from the CRD Board from other than the City of Victoria, one of which should be a mayor, nominated by the CRD Board.


  • Elliot, Don
  • Helps, Lisa
  • Lorette, Kevin
  • Orr, Geoff
  • Reilly, John
  • Taylor, Ned