What would you like to Recycle?

Regional Kitchen Scraps Strategy

Kitchen scraps make up around 30% of the waste at Hartland landfill. By composting kitchen scraps, we can meet our waste diversion goals. A number of municipal collection programs are rolling out this year and other private haulers are starting their collection programs. Read more >>


Use CRD Blue Boxes and Blue Bags at the Curb

A CRD Blue Box (for containers) or a CRD Blue Bag (for paper) must be placed in a visible location at the curb to clearly identify the materials as recyclables for collection. The CRD standard size promotes efficient, safe lifting and limits items that are too heavy and too large. This makes a difference to the recycling truck driver, who carries and empties over 2,000 boxes and bags every collection day. Read more >> bluebox_bird_forweb