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Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment
At some point in our lives, we may end up with a pair of crutches, a wheelchair or walker, or a variety of other medical devices.

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How do I go green?

Borrow or rent medical equipment. Your hospital or clinic should have information on procedures and referrals. Also, the Red Cross operates the Medical Equipment Recycling and Loan Service in BC.

Check with friends, relatives, or colleagues, as they might be in need of your medical equipment.

There are charities that accept donations of used medical equipment for use in BC or to send to hospitals and missions overseas. You may be eligible for a tax receipt in return.

Contact facilities directly to ensure your item is acceptable for donation.

Red Cross – [Medical Equipment donations - 250-382-2043]

ALS Society – [ALS Society of BC accepts in Victoria - equipmentloan@alsbc.ca

To recycle electronic medical and monitoring equipment, see Electronics.

The Environmental Story

Medical equipment and devices aid recovery and help us through day to day activity. These products are designed to be sturdy and to withstand extra weight and pressure and are often composed of recyclable materials such as metal, rubber, and heavy plastics. Most equipment is also built large, so if thrown out, it takes up a lot of space in our landfill.