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Kitchen Scraps (residential food waste)

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Kitchen Scraps (residential food waste)

In January 2015, a landfill ban on kitchen scraps (food waste and soiled paper products) was implemented. Residential kitchen scraps collection is conducted by a combination of municipal programs and private subscription services, depending on where you live.

There are a number of companies offering garbage, recycling and kitchen scraps collection services in the region. For more information see Collection Services.

For a general accepted/not accepted list click here.

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How do I go green?

Learn ways to you can reduce the amount of avoidable food waste you produce with tips on food expiry dates, food storage and preservation and nutritional uses for past-prime fruits and vegetables at Love Food Hate Waste Canada.

Eat those leftovers! Leftovers don't have to be boring – last night's boiled potatoes are this morning's hash browns; make a new sauce for those leftover noodles; or pudding out of that rice.

Composting is natures way of recycling organic material. By composting food waste, you keep those materials out of the landfill, feed the soil, entice beneficial insects and cut down on pesticide and inorganic fertilizer use. There are many at-home composting options. For general backyard composting, visit the Compost Education Centre or consider a Green Cone Food Waste Digester for the cooked food, meat and dairy that you would not put in a regular backyard compost bin.

Contact facilities directly regarding services offered (collection vs. receiving), restrictions and charges.


  • A&P Disposal & Recycling

    6220 Marilyn

  • Community Composting


  • DL's Recycling Centre

    6844 Oldfield Rd

  • GFL Environmental (formerly Alpine, and Terrapure Environmental)

    1045 Dunford Avenue

  • Gulf Island Recycling Service

    Salt Spring Island

  • Hartland Depot

    1 Hartland Avenue

  • Laurie's Recycling & Integrated Resource Mgmt. Inc / Laurie's Garbage & Recycling

    295 Park Drive
    Salt Spring Island

  • Pan-insula Disposal

    7481 West Saanich

  • Pedal To Petal

  • Pender Island Waste Management Ltd

    Pender Island

  • Sooke Disposal Ltd.


  • Waste Connections of Canada


  • Waste Management


  • Did You Know?

    There are programs in Victoria for redistributing food from those that have to those that need. More info available at the Food Share Network.