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sofa, couch, chair, shelf, desk
Please do not place your item on the boulevard in hopes that someone will pick it up. Deliberately abandoning waste on public property is considered illegal dumping. Illegal dumping is harmful to the environment, costs taxpayers and sends a message that illegal activity is tolerated in your neighbourhood.

Try using a free online listing to either sell or give your item away for free. That way you don't need to worry about rain, vandals or dogs peeing on it!

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How do I go green?

Take care of your furniture so that it lasts; unwanted upholstered furniture can’t be recycled in the capital region, only reused or disposed of at a waste facility. Do you really need that new loveseat? Could repairing or recovering an old arm chair give it the makeover it needs?

Many thrift and second hand stores in the region will accept furniture by donation. Items should be clean, free of rips or tears and in working order. Most do not want upholstered furniture or beds. Phone before going to ensure they can accept what you have. There are also a multitude of antique and furniture refinishing stores in town that may be interested in some items.

If the item is all metal or all wood, or a mattress or box spring, there are recycling facilities that may accept it. See listings for MetalMattresses or Wood for more information.
If the item is composite or all plastic, it is garbage.

Contact facilities directly regarding restrictions and charges.


  • Beacon Community Services Thrift Shops

    All locations in the capital region


  • H.L. Disposal & Lawn Services Ltd.

    334 Hillside Ave

  • ReStore - Habitat for Humanity Uptown

    3311H Oak Street

  • ReStore - Habitat for Humanity Westshore

    849 Orono Avenue

  • Society of Saint Vincent de Paul - Esquimalt

    1010 Craigflower Road

  • Society of Saint Vincent de Paul - Langford

    2784 Claude Road

  • Society of Saint Vincent de Paul - North Saanich

    6761 Kirkpatrick Cres

  • Society of Saint Vincent de Paul - Sooke

    6693 Sooke Road

  • WIN Donation Centre

    555 Ardersier Road

  • The Environmental Story

    Older furniture tends to be made of real wood, cotton and wool padding and metal, making it long lasting and easier to recycle. Newer furniture can often be made of laminate and particle or press board, making it harder on the environment to produce and recycle.

    Did You Know?

    Some furniture stores have take back programs. If you're having new furniture delivered, ask if take back services are provided for your old items.