Development Permits are a planning tool for sites, buildings and structures that warrant special protection or development control. These permits may require some form of security to ensure that conditions in the permit have been met.

The guiding principle for the use of Development Permits is found within the Local Government Act. Development Permit Areas can be designated for purposes such as, but not limited to the following:

  • Protection of the natural environment, its ecosystems and biological
  • Protection of development from hazardous conditions
  • Protection of farming
  • Establishment of objectives for the form and character of commercial,
    industrial or multi-family residential development.

When is a Development Permit required?

A Development Permit must be obtained prior to subdivision, construction, alteration of land, soil deposit or removal, or any other development or activity that would impact on any of the elements protected by a Development Permit. In the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area, reasons for use of a development permit are outlined in each area's Official Community Plan (OCP). Residents are advised to contact the Planning Office before making any alteration to their land to determine if a Development Permit is required. Call 250.642.8100 for assistance.

When is a Development Variance Permit required?

A Development Variance Permit is required when a proposed development does not meet a requirement of a zoning bylaw. Examples may include setbacks or height requirements.

Development Variance Permits cannot be used to vary use or density as prescribed by the zoning bylaw. The guiding principle for the use of Development Variance Permits is found the Local Government Act.

Applying for a Permit

Information and forms to apply for a permit can be found here, or contact Juan de Fuca Community Planning Services at 250.642.8100.

Development Permit Delegation Bylaw No. 3462

At their May 13, 2009 meeting the CRD Board approved a recommendation by the Land Use Committee (LUC) to delegate the authority to staff to expedite those Development Permits applications which meet the development permit guidelines of the OCPs. Previously all development permit applications were considered by the LUC and the CRD Board.

The delegation only applies to those applications that meet the respective OCP guidelines and zoning requirements. If the applications do not meet the guidelines or require a variance then the applications would require the approval of the LUC and subsequently the Board.

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